Rain and traffic jam

Today it rained. A lot. For most people that may seem an ordinary event. Not for my country. Everytime it rains the country is semi paralyzed. 

I went to work at the usual time today and was in my own world during the commute. (I listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos or read a book.) After some time I realised that I was in stuck in a huge traffic jam. There’s usually some slowing down when I enter the city but today the traffic jam started way before. So I stayed cramped in a car with the rain lashing at the windows for 1h40 when on a normal day it takes me only 1h to get to work. 

The story doesn’t end here. I finally get out of the car and try to walk to my workplace. This usually takes 5min max if I walk slowly. Today it took me 15 min, not because of the rain itself but because of the accumulated water. Two canals had formed near the pedestrian crossing with a big puddle. I had to do a detour and enter work from the backdoor. When I was finally in my office I realise that I wasn’t the only one who was late. Some of NY colleagues were stuck in traffic for 2h30! And it’s like that for 90% of the time when it rains.

 The city should really get some better drains and a way to clear the traffic!

Thankfully the remainder of the day went rather smoothly.

Thanks for reading my rants.




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