Choosing my next vacation stop

I’m someone who loves travelling above anything else. In February I went to Malaysia, Singapore and Japan and had a very enriching experience. I adored those countries so much that I still find it hard to adapt to my normal life.(It’s nearly been a month now!) I’m going to expand on this trip in another blog post.

For now I’m having some trouble choosing my next destination. My first plan was to go to Johannesburg and visit a bit of South Africa and then take the plane to Buenos Aires, stay some days and then go to Canada. However, I’ve recently come across a post saying that it was quite easy (if expensive) to go to Antartica through Ushuaia. Tbh going to Antartica is every traveller’s dream! So now I’m pretty undecided about the way to go. I’m a budget/family traveller and going to either places is going to be expensive. I’m willing to save as much as possible for this but I cannot decide which one will be the best experience for me for the amount of money I’ll be putting in this trip.

If you’ve done any of those itineraries or know where I can get good info for that please comment.




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