Work and Mental Health


Disclaimer: I’m not a professional in the issues I tackle below. These are just my humble opinions on the subject matter based on my previous experiences and from what I’ve seen around me. If you need more info please contact professionals.

1. The Situation

Has it ever happened to you? You have a sudden exponential increase in workload and you find yourself not having time for the usual relaxation time and you barely see your family. Even though you like having much work, you enter into a pit where you don’t know if it’s just the stress making you feel down or you are broken. However, you continue to work the hardest because you know that this will help you progress in work. Is it all worth it?


What I personally think about this issue is that you first need to know yourself pretty well. You are the only one who will know your real limits;

(i)Are you just really uncomfortable to get into unknown territory?

(ii)Is it the fact that you do not like the job you are doing that is making you more stressed about giving your time and hardwork for something that you do not see a future in?

(iii)Or is it that you have reached your limits and are really injuring your mental health?

If you can’t figure out by yourself if you have reached this limit then the opinion of someone you are really close to may also work. They are sure to see any change in you specially if it is affecting you badly.

3.What to do?

When you have analysed the situation it is good to know your way forward from there.

If it is (i) then I suggest that like the Nike motto “Just do it”. Try not to over-think any situation and just do what you have to do. It may also help to think of times before when this happened and when you went out of your comfort zone by working really hard. Think about the great feeling you got after doing the job and say to yourself, “that’s what I’ll feel like after I go through this particular hard time at work”.

In the case of (ii) I thin it is time for you to think a bit more about your future and the path you’ve taken. What is it about your job that you do not like? Is it the field you are in, your coworkers, your boss or the environment? If it is something that you can change? If it is the case that you are not in the field that you like, then think: “What do I really want to do deep down in my heart?”, “Is the other field that I want to be in just a projection of what someone else wants of me or is it my true passion?”. If it is indeed your true passion, I urge you, right now, go and prepare a plan on how to achieve your dream and stick to it as far as possible. You have just one life after-all.

If you have reached case (iii) then I think that it would be wise to go and see a professional. Only a professional will be apt to tell what the best way forward will be for you. It may as simple as more rest or require treatment. I am aware that it can sometimes be frowned upon if you go see a psychologist but do not forget that these other people who may mock you cannot give you your health back if something happens. You owe them nothing. If you are still afraid there may be other anonymous resources which may help. Online groups, anonymous chat groups or even best, find a time in your schedule where no one will question you if you are absent for a certain period of time and you can go to a psychologist in that time.

I hope I have helped someone by writing this post. Of course there’s much more to this complex issue but I do not wish to go deeper.

Have a good day.




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