Adult Beginner Violinist: My first violin lesson


1.Getting started

Last weekend was the first time I got violin lessons. It is something that I’ve always dreamed of doing; ever since I listened to Summer by Vivaldi that is. Over the years, many other things have inspired me: the anime Your lie in April and even the tv series Sherlock. For some reason or another, (money, location of the music school or time constraints) I’ve always postponed the moment when I would start learning the violin. Two weeks ago, my mood got into a pitfall and I said to myself “if I don’t do what I like now, when will I do it?”. So in the expand of 1 week, I bought a violin, registered for violin lessons and had my first lesson!

2.The Lesson

As the model student that I learned to be (I went to an “elite” school), I watched several videos on violin playing before having my lesson to get used to the terms and the instruments as the violin is a very technical instrument to play. The lesson itself was great, a bit quick for me (it was actually 1hr long but felt like 15min). There are 5 persons in my class. I was happy to see that I wasn’t the only grown up one as I was thinking that I would be amongt 5 year olds. The teacher taught us how to correctly hold the bow and the violin. Tbh that in itself is a work out! My arm, wrist and fingers were tired after the lesson even though we did very little actual playing. I also learned how to play open strings, albeit badly but it made a sound!


Since then, I’ve been practicing with the exercises that my teacher gave me and also the ones I’ve found online. I’m getting better slowly but surely. Youtube is a great resource to help your learning. I’ve been watching videos from The online piano and violin tutor, Eddy Chen and Professor V. But again, if you want to get better with the violin the best thing to do is practice, practice and practice!

I’ll update you all on my progress in another post.




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